Entry #11

Giving up on animation

2012-08-25 11:44:42 by SplendidDevil

It's not like I don't have the skill to animate, if anything I really am wasting a skill here but I've become infatuated with learning to create music through the use of sequencing software and what not. I just have no motivation to animate at all anymore. I think I need to spend more time developing my skills in art and seriously considering what it is I want to be doing in university. I don't know what I'm doing any more but it just seems animating it is too much of a task at this point.

I would like to mention my appreciation for animators still creating regularly, I'm happy you still have the flare and constant inspiration in which I used to! I will probably animate the odd piece for my art course but as far as animating for my own pleasure to Newgrounds and YouTube goes, I think I'm done.

I'll be using this account to post all music in the future, obviously that and my Soundcloud and other YouTube account.

I know I never release anything even remotely successful which sucks and I know there was potential (without trying to sound vein). Just heavily concentrating on the art and music side of things from now on.


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2012-08-25 12:37:50

I started making cartoons... but then I realised that making cartoons is NOT FUN! So I did something else.

Animating should be less fucking annoying, it's true.


2012-08-25 13:12:52

Why not post your music on this account?


2012-08-25 13:26:02

You will come back to it.


2012-08-25 14:45:06

just start drawing dicks and everything will come naturally. Anyway, good luck with your switch to another medium. The only thing I can say is; Less competition for me out there ;D

(im kidding, it's sad to see you lost your 'flare' or whatever you called it)


2012-08-25 15:25:13

never say never :)


2012-08-25 15:48:09

You can always make a little something something now and then for fun. You don't have to completely drop it.


2012-08-25 16:00:57

So that's it? After all that improvement in animation, you're just giving up? What the f*ck, man? I usually don't give shit about people quitting animation or Newgrounds, but you've come this far and I am seriously impressed on what you've accomplished.

Look, I know how you feel. I am given no inspiration... AT ALL... to animate. My art sucks and I'm constantly trying to make it less sucky not for any reason but myself. I mean, people who haven't submitted anything at all have more fans than me; but dammit I've seen myself over the few years and I think I've improved a little bit (also without trying to sound vein). You say you need inspiration? Well let me tell you not everyone here has 50+ fans, buddy.

And come on, you animations are great! The movement, coloring, line art... and it's evolving! Isn't that motivational enough for you? I also noticed you have a creative mind, and it surely shows from the work you've done so far. Is the score system getting you down? DON'T GIVE A FLYING F*CK! 2011 wasn't lucky but 2012 was better.

...but you know what? If your saying that you can major a more enjoyable sensation with art and music, then I guess just ignore everything I said. That is, of course, you feel like you could accomplish more than you already have in flash animation. In that case, you are making a mistake.

I, for one, will continue animating not caring for the lack of f*cking inspiration, but just because I f*cking love what I do.

So, don't let the door hit you on the way out.


2012-08-25 18:07:25

Never lose hope..... i'm sure if you keep making more you bond to make a very successful flash.... Don't just be a quitter...


2012-08-25 22:11:21

lol @ dramatic comments


2012-08-25 22:11:22

lol @ dramatic comments


2012-08-25 22:37:39

just do what I do for things when I lose my flare for it. Just ignore it for a few years, come back, and you should have that original flare all over again. I'm sad to see another animator go, but don't let me stop you from doing what you want to do.


2012-08-26 14:35:46

Man this makes me sad, forget the 70% of assholes on newgrounds, you're talented man. Only thing is sometimes it's the writing, I liked lolsketch but maybe experiment with a new writer? I love your artwork, you better not give up that! Every once in a while I get an offer for a new profile pic and icon and I tell them no because I like yours a lot, the one you drew me. I support ya bud, hang in there.


2012-08-26 15:27:46

Who are you again?


2012-08-26 15:34:16

I haven't got lazy, I just have no massive drive for it like I used to. I really want to concentrate more on my art and music more than anything ha. I'm not bothered about reviews or comments or anything? That's never affected me. Appreciate the great feedback ha, some of you guys are lovely


2012-08-26 20:33:36



2012-08-26 20:33:41


SplendidDevil responds:

I'll still achieve more than you'll ever manage my friend.


2012-08-26 21:20:41

You can quit but you can never leave


2012-08-26 22:11:17

trannnsition. well if music is calling for you now i say go for it. Though you shouldnt really quit. Sometimes its good to take a break but never fully close the door on an opportunity. i thought your lolsketch had some charm

SplendidDevil responds:

Cheers Luis :) yeah, that one had effort but looking back, i hate it ha


2012-08-26 23:00:08

I thought the same thing. But I realized that I really needed a break. You'll feel up to it


2012-08-27 04:38:37

Hope all goes well for ya, will look out for your moosic.



2012-08-27 11:13:09

I don't know you and I've just happened to see your post from the front page sidebar, but I'm getting a vision from the future. It's only coming through with audio. It says, "something something music, college, something, I've been getting back into animation again lately and something something".


It has been foretold.


2012-08-29 15:40:12

I agree with luis :). Your animation is rather good..


2012-10-21 21:37:32

while im sad to see you stop animating i hope you do well in whatever you work on