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SplendidDevil's News

Posted by SplendidDevil - August 25th, 2012

It's not like I don't have the skill to animate, if anything I really am wasting a skill here but I've become infatuated with learning to create music through the use of sequencing software and what not. I just have no motivation to animate at all anymore. I think I need to spend more time developing my skills in art and seriously considering what it is I want to be doing in university. I don't know what I'm doing any more but it just seems animating it is too much of a task at this point.

I would like to mention my appreciation for animators still creating regularly, I'm happy you still have the flare and constant inspiration in which I used to! I will probably animate the odd piece for my art course but as far as animating for my own pleasure to Newgrounds and YouTube goes, I think I'm done.

I'll be using this account to post all music in the future, obviously that and my Soundcloud and other YouTube account.

I know I never release anything even remotely successful which sucks and I know there was potential (without trying to sound vein). Just heavily concentrating on the art and music side of things from now on.

Posted by SplendidDevil - July 26th, 2012

All right, so what have I been up to lately. The last month or two has mainly been spent learning to create music, preferably house using FL. I'm finally getting started on that Amnesia parody wherever I have motivation (it's impossible to find at the moment), I finally finished the trailer for mine and Takeabow19's new 'Muse: The Animated Series' which took a while due to the frame-by-frame of that first part, but hey, good practise...

Also I released my first song (once again practise), it isn't really house, just experimental techno shit:

And me and a friend started copying Pewdiepie, well that's not the case but that's the first thing that comes to anybody's mind when they see someone playing a game with facecam, so here's a video of me shitting myself:

So yeah, a few things. I now need to rack up motivation and get on with this Amnesia parody. I also need to work on finding a summer job as my gay parents won't get off my back maaaaaaannn.
The Amnesia parody'll be out on the old Tube first so feel free to subscribe if you wish to see the parody as soon as possible (yeah, it's optional man).

Anyway, see you soon Newgrounds xox

Posted by SplendidDevil - July 8th, 2012

Hey Newgrounds, I played Slender and decided to record myself in the process... scary shit... it's in part 2 that he gets me and I scream like a little girl, enjoy :'(

In other new, I've almost finished the teaser trailer for mine and Takeabow19's new series "Muse: The Cartoon Series"... so yeah, will post that up when it's done!

Posted by SplendidDevil - June 24th, 2012

So finally my laptop's back and I get on with animating again, woop!

Finishing off a small project/collab teaser and then to continue planning an Amnesia parody.

Good to be back.

Posted by SplendidDevil - June 10th, 2012

I made this, probably shouldn't stick it on Newgrounds though, wait yeah, it's a loop. I might.

Posted by SplendidDevil - April 20th, 2012

Not sure if true Newground folk find post about DeviantArt offensive but, seeing as how my DeviantArt page is dead, I thought I'd make a quick post and see if anybody would like to connect or be friends on DeviantArt... all that shit.

This is my profile if any of you fags feel like checking it out.

Posted by SplendidDevil - March 28th, 2012

Hey Newgrounds

I guess this is a very sad time for us, eh? Edd was a hero and pioneer in the world of internet animation and art. Like thousands of others, he influenced me into learning to animate, draw cartoon and to be creative. I honestly feel as if I've just lost a close family member despite the fact I've never actually met Edd. We messaged each other few times and he even commented on a pieces of my work and subscribed to me on YouTube. This motivated me slightly and really inspired me to just get on with stuff. I was really hoping he'd see the piece I'm just about finishing, I really did. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have developed this fantastic life-long skill of animating and drawing cartoon.

It took me a while to really take in the news this morning whilst I was barely awake. I looked at my YouTube feed to see that Chris Bingham had posted the new Future Bing in which I was happy about, then I read the title. I hoped to God that this was some kind of sick joke but it wasn't. Everything about the video was perfectly true, I was barely able to pull myself together this morning before going to school.

It's disgusting that on YouTube there are actually people sick and twisted enough to leave comments mocking his death. Someone has even gone to the effort of creating an account with a username that mocks Edd's death. I won't name that account as I don't want the sick fuck to gain any of the attention that they desire from creating this account.

Edd really was just one of the most chilled-out and kindest people you could know. I never knew him personally but from what I have seen and heard of him it wasn't hard to figure out. I am jealous of the friends, family and loved ones that were fortunate enough to know this man and spend time in his company.

Edd Gould will hopefully never be forgotten in this century. I will miss him so much. I still don't know how to come to terms with the fact he's gone. It just doesn't feel right, at all.

RIP Edd, I don't believe in Heaven but if there is one, I hope you're having a blast up there, man :')

Posted by SplendidDevil - March 20th, 2012

So I've just downloaded a trial of FL Studio and I'm kind of trying to get the hang of it, lolfuck. It's going to ages to get used to but I would really love to be able to create my own music so I'll stick with it I guess. RealFaction's the guy that's sort of inspired me to take on FL Studio, that and the millions and millions of pieces of music I love.

My Skype's SplendidDevil if anybody's interested in helping me out with FL.

Learnin' to make da musics

Posted by SplendidDevil - March 4th, 2012

So LOLSKETCH is probably around 70% done. It shouldn't have taken 4 months to create but with school and all sorts of other things going on during the production of this witty flash animation, it has just taken ages.

You can probably guess what type of animation this by looking at the name of it, if not, leave now.
Anyway here's a picture.


Posted by SplendidDevil - February 8th, 2012

This shit is banging yo. I wonder how long it will take everyone to get used to it, few things to get used to but I think everyone's going to settle right in! Or not... I don't care.